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Pinar del Rio, Cuba
Pinar del Rio Province
Cuba's westernmost province of Pinar del Rio boasts two of the six UNESCO Biosphere Natural Reserves on the Cuban archipelago and contains the Valle de Viñales or Viñales Valley
Pinar del Rio is also the region where the country's, and arguably the world's, finest tobacco is grown.
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Havana,Cuba Havana Province
So much to see, so little time. This sprawling city of two million people is one of the world's great historic cities, and one with the greatest concentration of Spanish colonial buildings in all the Americas.
Habana Vieja (Old Havana) is a 350-acre repository of castles and churches and columned mansions dating back centuries and boasting a spectacular amalgam of styles.
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Varadero beach, Cuba  
Varadero , Matanzas Province
Varadero is the most popular "sun, sea and sand" destination in Cubain the western Cuban province of Matanzas, is the beach par excellence in the archipelago, despite strong competition from islets in the Jardines del Rey tourist region. Over 24 kilometers of excellent beaches
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cienaga de zapata, Cuba
Zapata Peninsula , Matanzas Province
The Zapata Peninsula is a huge natural reserve for all manner of wildlife including local and migratory birds, lizards, crocodiles and rock crabs, you can see penned reptiles at the crocodile farm at La Boca.The Peninsula is a great shoe-shaped territory jutting west into the Golf of Batabanó, by the southern half of the island of Cuba.
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Cayo largo, Isle of Youth, Cuba
Cayo Largo , Isle of Youth Province
Slung 177 kilometers south of the underbelly of Havana province, Cayo Largo is the largest and easternmost of the numerous coral cays that comprise the Archipiélago de los Canarreos.
This boomerang-shaped, low-lying sliver of land boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in Cuba.
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cienfuegos, Cuba
Cienfuegos Province
Rancho Luna
Reaching out into the calm waters of a huge enclosed bay, with a waterfront promenade, broad avenues beautifying its leafy southern neighborhoods and some sumptuous colonial architecture, Cienfuegos is one of the prettiest, most laid-back cities in Cuba. Founded in 1819 by French settlers
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Villa clara, Cuba
Cayo Santa Maria & Las Brujas , Villa Clara Province
The most beautiful and unspoiled Cuban beach is located in central Cuba, about hour drive north of Santa Clara at "Cayo Las Brujas". Beaches, fauna, flora and an pure environment in this isolated nook protected from the hectic world. Endemic tropical nature close to the Bahamas Channel, Cayo Las Brujas owns wonderful coral reefs is a perfect place for scuba diving and wind surfing.
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Trinidad, Cuba
Trinidad , Santi Spiritus Province
Sanci Spíritus Province is a key destination for many visitors to Cuba for the city of Trinidad located in the South-Est corner. Trinidad - Cuba’s best preserved colonial city- is a mellow charmer whose unique combination of quintessentially 18th century architecture, breeze-swept hillside setting and picked-in-aspic way of life are irresistibly charming
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Cayo Coco y Cayo Santa Maria Cayo Coco & Cayo Guillermo , Ciego de Avila
Boasting the finest beaches in Cuba and some of the finest jade colored waters, these beaches offer the finest beach experience for serious sun, sea and sun hounds who enjoy hotels with a little luxe.
Ciego de Avila is the flattest in province Cuba, never rising more than 50m above sea level.
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camaguey, Cuba Camaguey Province
Santa Lucia
It was one of the most important cities in the colonial period, nowdays it has a wealth of fine baroque churches and some picturesque nooks and crannies.
Santa Lucia beach resort is in east-central Cuba, on the north coast of Camagüey province.
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guadalavacana, holguin, Cuba Holguin Province
Guardalavaca ("Guard the Cow"—no-one seems sure of the derivation of this strange name) is a beach resort on the north shore
of Holguín province, a one-hour drive from Holguín city. The original resort was developed in the 1980s to serve the Cuban masses.
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granma province of Cuba
Granma Province
Bayamo City
For physical drama, Granma province is hard to beat. The narrow coastal plain provides a superb scenic drive past rocky bays and deserted beaches with the mountains escalating to cloud-draped crescendos that will have you reaching for your camera.
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Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, Caribbean
Santiago de Cuba Province
Santiago de Cuba, the isle's second largest city, predates Havana and served as the island's first capital. Its colonial core is steeped in antiquity wholly distinct from Havana. It appears more "Caribbean" than Havana, thanks to its long-term associations with Jamaica and Haiti, which contributed English- and French-speaking immigrants who stitched their unique customs onto the cultural quilt of the city
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Porto Santo guantanamo Guantanamo Province
Situated 90km east of Santiago and a few kilometres north of the bay of the same name. It has about 208,000 inhabitants and most of them live from producing sugarcane and cotton wool.
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