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 Frequently asked questions about Cuba

 Have questions ? We have answers.

 General questions on Cuba

Is Cuba a safe country for tourists ?

Cuba has the lowest crime rate and is considered the safest country in the world. Nonetheless, we recommend that you use the safety deposit boxes available in most hotels. We advise you make a photocopy of your passport prior to your departure and carry it with you on outings and leave your original passport in the hotel safe along with the extra money, travelers checks and airline tickets. Normal precautions for foreign travel should be followed.
What are the average temperatures in Cuba ?

Cuba has a subtropical climate with a wet season from May to October and a dry season from November to April. Average annual temperature is 24 C, January and February are the coolest months.
Which are main destinations and attractiveness Cuba ?

With the purpose that all of Cuba is a tourist destination of first order, the development of the sector in the country is integrated to offer the visitors different options that increase our competitiveness and the possibility of knowing the whole archipelago, several regions exists, all with its own image, in function of the markets and segments that you will love to capture

Main destinations

La Habana
Cayo Guillermo
Cayo Coco
Cayo Largo del Sur
Santiago de Cuba
Santa Lucia de Cuba
Pinar del Río
Península de Zapata
Villa Clara
Where can I search for tourist information about Cuba ?

Cuba has offices in different places, in accordance with areas in which our markets are present. These offices represent us before the institutions and tourist organizations of the host countries. Also, all the Cuban embassies assume among their tasks the tourist promotion of the island. In these offices you will be able to obtain all the information you want about Cuba like tourist destinations, where you will be able to acquire pamphlets, videotapes, CD, promotional supports and exclusive offers in dependant on the offers available and the seasons of the year.
Do I need a travel insurance policy to cover medical expenses to enter in Cuba?

Yes. Beginning May 1st 2010, Cuba will require all travelers, foreigners and Cubans living abroad, a travel insurance policy to cover medical expenses, in order to enter the country. To fulfill this demand, the traveller should have a travel insurance that includes medical expenses or a medical expenses policy, with cover inside of Cuba.

The policy can be acquired in Cuba when you arrive at the airport or in the country of residence.
Those travellers that exceptionally don’t have the insurance at their arrival, they will be able to acquire a policy with insurance and assistance cover subscribed by Cuban insurance companies at the airport, port or marines. The travel insurances subscribed by Cuban insurance companies and by most of the international insurance companies have the ASISTUR Assistance Services in trip inside of Cuba. It is a 24 hours service during 365 days of the year.

This insurance covers the medical expenses in Cuba. In the case of residents in the United States that travel directly to Cuba, they will have to acquire a policy with Cuban insurance cover in the country of residence. This is by the impossibility for North American insurance companies to guarantee covering in the national territory. The traveller who is checked when arriving to the country, should show the policy, certificate of insurance or travel assistance card, which is valid during the stay in Cuba.
Is medical attention guaranteed in all Cuban hotels ?

More than 95 % of the hotels have a doctor that guarantees the patient´s primary attention.There also exists, eight international clinics for treatments that demand more care in Pinar del Rio, Varadero, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Cayo Coco, Santa Lucia, Guardalavaca and Santiago de Cuba
It is advisable that all tourists that travel to Cuba are aided by a policy of assurance that can also be acquired in the Island through the company of attendance to the traveller.
Asistur S.A.
Can I use my credit card in Cuba ?

You can as long as it's not issued by an American bank. Unfortunately, it's part of the US embargo restrictions on Cuba. No US travelers cheques either. Americans have to carry cash.
What is the currency in Cuba and how does it exchange with the US Dollar and/or Euro ?

Currently there are two running currencies in Cuba but all payments in establishments operating in foreign exchange in Cuba must be made with pesos convertibles (CUC).
Since 2002, the Euro is admitted as payment currency in the tourist poles of Varadero and Cayo Coco.
Where can I change money in Cuba to cuban pesos or Cuban Convertible pesos ?

At Airport, Hotels, banks and currency exchange houses spread widely in the country called "CADECAS"
What is the Cuban convertible Pesos exchange rate ?

1 USD = 0.87 CUC.

Euros and other currencies use daily exchange rates stated by the National Bank of Cuba.
How safe is making payments on your website ?

Security is also of great concern to us. Every online transaction you make to site is processed by our third party Valencia Bank processor using state of the art and updated SSL encryption methods. Your payment is as safe as can be.
What currency are prices on website in ?

Base pricing in the website is established in US Dollars. Exchange rates for other currencies in this site are fixed considering currency trends obtained from several sources.

Presently accepts payments in USD, CAD, GBP and EUR.

Although this website presents only a limited number of currencies to choose from, you can make payments using your credit card or bank transfer in other currencies. In these cases, it is the bank of your credit card or account who will apply its current conversion rate to convert the currency you will pay with to the selected one in the web site.
When do I have to make my payment ?

Your Payment must take place at least 7 days before your chronologically most immediate service in your cart.
I want to pay by making a bank or wire transfer. Is this possible ?

Yes it is. When making your online you will have the option to choose wire transfer. What this option does is send you all our bank information for you to order the payment to your bank in's favor. Then it is tracked by our online payment processor and we are notified of receipt of payment at which time your final confirmations and e-vouchers are sent to you by email.
Do you provide any assistance to your clients in case of trouble ?

We provide our clients with a 24/7 mobile phone in case of trouble.
What is the Email Confirmation required email for ?

This mail we send to you is just to confirm the email address provided is yours and that it is correct to make sure you receive all our future confirmations and communications.
Once I make my booking, what happens and how do I get my confirmation ?

If your booking stated ON REQUEST at the time you requested the service, you will receive a response from within working 72 hrs. Once your services are confirmed and you make your payment you will receive an email with your confirmation and e-vouchers.
That is all you need. You may and should print your e-vouchers and present then at your hotel or other service provider in Cuba.

If your booking is available, then the process is similar yet shorter as you do not need to wait for any confirmation from as your service (s) is confirmed instantly.
What does "On Request" mean ?

When you try to book on our website, after providing the system with your reservation details, two results are possible: That your hotel comes up as "Available" or that it comes up as "On Request"

Available: means the hotel or service is confirmed already as it is taken from our inventories. You may proceed to pay for your services or save it for later payment.

On Request: It means we will check with the provider and revert to you with a confirmation if available, or an alternative suggestion or denial in case the hotel is nor available for your requested dates. You will receive an email from within 72 hrs with your reply and instructions on how to proceed.
Up to what age are the young ones considered infants ?

We have 2 categories for the young ones; Infants and Children.

That is :

Infants 0 - 2 years of age

Children 3 - 12 years of age
Can I cancel my booking at anytime ? Are there any charges for doing that ?

You may cancel your reservation at anytime as long as your cancellation request takes place at least 24 hours before the chronologically most immediate service comprised in your reservation.

Several fees do apply depending on the time of cancellation. For more information please read on our Booking Conditions which can be found at the footer of any of our pages.
Do your prices include taxes ?

Prices on our website are total prices for the whole stay and number of people specified in your booking. The total stated in your shopping cart is the total you will actually pay for at the time of payment. There are no hidden extra costs nore taxes of any kind.
Do your rates include airfares or not ?

No they don't. we do not provide flights.
Can I travel to Cuba from the USA ?

Be aware of issues regarding traveling to Cuba by US nationals due to the imposed travel regulations to US citizens by the US government. Technically, it is our understanding the regulations are not against traveling itself but spending or trading in Cuba which in any case seems like pretty much the same thing.
However, we also know that US travelers still come to Cuba regularly using third party countries like Canada & Mexico.

In counterpart, Cuba will not stamp your passport; and instead uses flying visas or "tourist cards" Airlines usually can assist in providing such tourist cards.

Please do note that sanctions can be in place by US authorities of up 250 000 US dollar fees and that traveling to Cuba as a US citizen is solely your responsibility.

Some visas are however issued to journalists, artists, religious visitors among others:

Does my cell phone work in Cuba?

You can bring you cellular phone into Cuba: there exists a wide covering to the clients of any operator with which CUBACEL has roaming agreements. You can activate the service automatically since you arrive in Cuba. If the client is on a monthly contract, that is not pay as you go, you can activate with the operator the service of International Roaming, and if the terminal that uses is compatible with the characteristics of our net, that is to say that it supports the band of the 900 MHz.

When arriving in Cuba in order activate your cell phone, simply switch it on it should register automatically in our net. It will show on the display 368-01 / CU-CCOM / CUBACEL, in dependence of the configuration of the telephone.
But, in case the automatic registration is not achieved, it should be indicated the visitor that carries out the manual selection of net through the options of menu of the telephone.

For more information visits CUBACEL
Can I purchase a local SIM card to use with my mobile phone ?

You can obtain a SIM card right at Cubacel’s Office at Havana Airport or any Cubacel office. You can also rent a mobile as well.

Cost for SIM card rental is 3.00 CUC / day ( 3.60 usd). Phones should be GSM 900 mhz.
Phone rental is 6.00 cuc /day ( 7.20 usd). You would be fully set-up and informed at the Cubacel Office as they have informed us.
What are the costs for mobile communications using the cuban provider ?

Mobile rates in Cuba are high but receiving foreign calls are free.

Outgoing SMS is 1.00 cuc / msg (1.20 usd / msg) . Outgoing calls are at fixed International call rates depending on country.
Do I need an international driving licence to drive in Cuba?

No. Cuba accepts the local permits of any country.

The signalling of the traffic is in the international system. The steering wheel is on the right, thus the streets are signalled adequately.
Are there beaches in Havana ?

In the city of Havana there are no beaches, but Havana covers more than 70 Km. of coastal line and this way, the Beaches of the East are inside Havana, but 25 Km. downtown.
To visit the beaches you are required a car or a bus service (we recommend the first one). Those who want to visit the beach they can stay in the city and then stay in hotels closer to the beach. It is as easy as driving 20km and you will find luxurious beaches typical of the Caribbean. The so called “Playas del Este “east from Havana.
How is the nightlife in Havana ?

Wonderful, would be the most precise word. From welcoming bars to big discos, Havana has everything.
Many visitors enjoy the small bars located in the patios of many historical places with the light rhythm of the numerous travelling musicians and the street entertainment.

The Cubans make an entire party and their open nature means that soon you will make friends if you want to.

The Jazz bars include
El Gato Tuerto , Jazz Cafe and La Zorra y el Cuervo among other, the music is plentiful and it is often fantastic.
Is Havana a good place to begin a trip to Cuba ?

Yes. Havana provides a good initiation in the knowledge of Cuba and excellent options of international flights of arrival supplemented with national flights and connections of transport with smaller prices to other areas of the island.
This is particularly the case if you seek to visit other main cities as Santiago de Cuba, Holguín, Pinar del Rio, La isla de la Juventud, etc.
This place offers all the available options of transport toward those regions .
What does all inclusive mean and what does it include ?

All inclusive at all hotels on our website means the price covers all your meals and drinks as well as use of all of the hotel facilities and amenities. That is all its restaurants, bars, sports and fitness etc.. it does not include airfare as we do not provide international flights.
Are all hotels in Varadero all - Inclusive ?

There are only a few with other available meal plans but most beach hotels in Cuba are All - Inclusive hotels.
How is the nightlife in Varadero ?

The format of the night life in Varadero is very similar to the European format, with big discos that offer European music predominantly.
On the contrary, the entertainment that offers in the hotels is truly of world class or better. The night shows, theatres, dance and small discos are the norm and, like we said, they are very good. The shows are particularly creative with inclination toward the local culture.

Families with children can count on good entertainment for all the ages.
What are Adults only hotels ?

Adults only hotels are hotels that only accept clients from an age and above. Usually 18+ or 14+. This exists to provide a more relaxing ambience to those seeking tranquility.
How is the internet access in Cuba ?

There are Internet wireless access in most of the hotels and main tourism facilities, also exist cyber coffees in the main cities and tourist destinations.

The connection is generally for MODEM (dial up) and it is usually quite slow.
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