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Viñales, Pinar del Rio, province, Cuba
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 Pinar del Rio province of Cuba  
Map of Pinar del rio, Cuba Pinar del Rio is one of the most rural provinces in Cuba, its fertile earth perfect for cultivating a wide variety of crops, including sugar cane, citrus and coffee and ideal for growing tobacco.

The showpiece valley of Viñales, is like all the province’s other highlights situated away from the major population centers which may be bypassed.
Most of the places worth visiting are within the Cordillera de Guaniguanico mountain range, which runs down the center of the province, forming its backbone.
Beyond the mountains, in the far west, the land flattens out as it nears the coastline on the Peninsula de Guanahacabibes, a great place for scuba diving, also you'll find mineral waters or miraculous waters in San Diego de los Baños and fabulous white beaches in Cayo Levisa
Destinations Pinar del Rio, Cuba  
Soroa in Pinar del Rio, Cuba    Soroa & las Terrazas
Soroa, also known as Cuba's Rainbow, is 70 kilometers west of the Cuban capital. It is a site of breathtaking natural beauty, with a 22-meter waterfall that invites visitors to take a refreshing swim any time of the year.
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San Diego in Pinar del rio    San Diego de los Baños
is located about 135km southwest of Havana Just west of the Sierra del Rosario, in the foothills of the Sierra de los Organos. There you'll find mineral waters or miraculous waters of the region's springs to providing you with different medical treatments, and spa's therapeutic services, also you'll find La Güira National Park. La Güira is a small park that is a favorite stop for bird-watching tours and general sightseers.
San Diego de los Baños is a tiny town built on the edge of a lovely river.
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viñales, Pinar del Rio, Cuba  Viñales
It is famed for its mogotes, large limestone formations which date back to the Jurassic period, is one of the most beautiful spots in Cuba. This villagey town is surprisingly spruce, with a fetching arcaded main street and lovely rustic scenes down the back lanes, the tranquility of the place and the friendliness of the local people are as seductive as the scenery, there are walks to do, horses to hire and tobacco farms and caves to visit.
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Cayo Levisa in Pinar del Rio  Cayo Levisa
About 20 kilometres from the Vinales Valley, off the northwest coast of Cuba, lies a cluster of tiny islands enveloped by thick jungles of tropical mangrove and bordered by fabulous white beaches. The most idyllic amongst these is Cayo Levisa.
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Maria La Gorda, Pinar del Rio, Cuba  Maria la Gorda
On a remote place at the Western side of Cuba, in Pinar del Rio province, you can find one of the most virgin natural zones in the Cuban archipelago.
This region has been declared Reserve of the Biosphere due to the treasures of its flora and fauna and for its sea and terrestrial landscapes.
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Hotel in Pinar del Rio    Pinar del rio city
The area has a good reputation for the production of high-quality ceramics and woven work and it is famous his Neoclassical buildings.

Although there is a fair amount of traffic and activity on the streets, the city gives the impression of being geographically isolated as well as a little behind the times.
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Peninsula de Guanahacabibes in Pinar del rio, Cuba  Guanahacabibes Peninsula
At the westernmost tip of Cuba, in the Pinar del Rio province, you can find one of the most virgin natural zones in the Cuban archipelago.
On the coast of the "Reserva de la Biosfera Península de Guanahacabibes" are many beautiful white sandy beaches.
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Pinar del rio, Cuba

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viñales in Pinar del Rio, Cuba