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 Central Havana Restaurants
 by Paraisonlinetours Team
  Central Havana Restaurants
La Guarida Paladar   La Guarida - fresa y chocolate -
 Food style:  International
 Price range:  Expensive
 Owned by:  Paladar
Calle Concordia # 418, Entre Gervasio y Escobar
Lunch: noon- 4:30pm,
Dinner: 7pm-midnight
Tel: 866 9047

prado y neptuno Restaurant central Havana Cuba  
Prado y Neptuno
 Food style: Italian
 Price range: Moderate
 Owned by:   Economic association
Paseo de Martí (Prado),
esquina Neptuno
Open noon-midnight daily
Tel: 860 9636

Tien Tan Restaurant  
Tien Tan
Food style:   Chinese
Price range:   Moderate
Owned by:  
Chinese association
Bulevar del Barrio Chino
(Cuchillo) #17, entre Rayo y San Nicolás
Open 9am - midnight daily
Tel: 861 5478

Los Nardos restaurant  
Los Nardos
Food style:   Spanish/Creole
Price range:   Moderate
Owned by:   Asturian association
Paseo de Martí (Prado) 565,
entre Teniente & Rey & Dragones
Open noon-midnight
T: 863 2985

Chan Li Po restorant  
Chan Li Po
Food style:   Chinese/Italian/Creole
Price range:   Moderate
Owned by: Chinese association
Calle Campanario
# 453, entre Zanja y San José
Open noon-midnight
T: 870 3686

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