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 We offers a variety of the best theaters in Havana   Karl Mark Theater
Karl Marx ,Theater
Located: Avenida 1ra e/8 and 10 . Miramar, Play
Tel. 537 2030801
Better known as "el Carlos Mark" this is a Havana`s larges theatre with capacity of almost 5.000 people.This is where the cubans come to see big names and show such as Buena Vista Social Club, Silvio Rodrigues etc.

Amadeo Roldan ,Theater

Located: Calle Calzada  No. 512 esq D Vedado, Plaza
Tel. (537) 8321168 / 4521/ 4522
Re-opened in 1998 after restored from a serious fire in 1980s, the theatre host mainly classical concerts, occasionally jazz and trova.
This place is relevant by the fantastic acoustics in both concert halls.
Mella ,Theater
Located: Calle Linea  No. 657 e/A and B Vedado, Plaza
Tel. (537) 8335651 /8696

Nacional de Cuba ,Theater
Located: Calle Paseo  and 39 Vedado, Plaza
Tel. (537) 8796011 / 6022/ 3558
Nacional Theater Teatro Nacional
Gran Teatro de la Habana (Havana's Grand Theatre).
Located: Calle Prado and San Jose, Centro Habana
Tel. (537) 8617391 / 5873
Havana`s beautiful, baroque Grand Theatre was built in the early 19th century by the megalomaniac Spanish
Governor Tacon. His intention was to built the largest theatre in Latin America. The eponymous theatre, with seated
4.000 people and had 150 boxes opened in 1846 with a season of Verdi operas and Between 1907. 1914 it was
remodelled by Belgian architect Paul Belau.
The theatre now has various performance spaces famous actresses, Tenor like Enrico Caruso and musicians.
This is the perfomance space for The Ballet Nacional de Cuba, the Ballet Español de La Habana and the Teatro Lirico
de España.
Gran Teatro de La Havana
Gran Teatro de la Habana Capitolio in Havana
 Havana's Grand Theatre  National Capitol building
Hubert de Blanck ,Theater
Located: Calle Calzada  e/A and B Vedado, Plaza
Tel. (537) 8301011

Bertolt Brecht ,Theater
Located: Calle 13 esq I Vedado, Plaza
Tel. (537) 8329359 / 0843
Founded in 1968 with a range of work from classics to comedy this place is ready to a 300 seater and smaller 150 seater space.
bertolt brecht theater
bertolt brecht theater  
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